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Welcome to Anne Brooke ONLINE, a one stop shop, so to speak of my online content.


I have been a teacher for over 25 years and have been teaching my own workshops for the last 13 years. I am passionate about sharing my love of stitch, sometimes with a specific outcome in mind but also just because I love to stitch.

MEMBERSHIPS COMING SOON for the #52 project in 2025 and the stitching hour. Both these groups are about a stitching community that has been growing since 2020. You have to option of 2 different memberships.

BOBBIN ALONG - #52 challenge + group forums + tribe Tuesday's

WHAT'S SEWING ON - Bobbin along + The stitching hour + Stitch and chat days.


BOOKABLE WORKSHOP I also offer a range of workshops you can do, in the comfort of your home, working at your own pace.

Who would have thought in the past that an amazing online community would be something we would be happy to join in. Thank you for joining me and as usual...

Happy stitching, Anne xxx

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